Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Change in Plans

I spent almost three hours at the mall last night trying to find something "camera appropriate". Of course, I'm sure the wardrobe I brought with me has plenty of viable options, but being the woman that I am, I was convinced otherwise at the time. My thought was some kind of blazer or nice blouse, but I wasn't finding much. As far as stores go up here, we share a lot of the same ones. The only difference I've found is that the selection is reduced. After some serious hunting, I found a nice cardigan that I figured would suffice.

As I explained in my previous post, I was scheduled to do Zoom today. I went into work, started assembling my script immediately. After I had began to write my script, we got word of a breaking story. The story, due to its content, is not blog worthy - especially because I don't know all the details leading up to it. Nevertheless, there were developments in an ongoing priest scandal incident in Nova Scotia. Father Rosica decided that it would not be appropriate to introduce a new host when the content they would be talking about included accusations of sex, pornography, etc. I very much respect and agree with his decision and we more appropriately scheduled me for Friday.

I guess my cardigan will just have to wait for it's time in the spotlight,


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