Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting the Creeps in Canada

Last night I kept replaying the moment during Hurricane Ike when a twister drove a tree through the ceiling of my parents home. It's an odd memory to recount, but in context it makes sense. The convent I'm staying at is a 130 year old Victorian home. Beautiful though it may be, it creeps and moans with the slightest of movement.

Last night as I was going to bed, I kept hearing the strangest sounds. For one, the glass moves in the windows. All it takes is a little force and it sounds as if someone is knocking periodically on the window. My windows happen to be kind of set in to the house, causing the wind to funnel through - the sound reminds me of hurricane wind, honestly - thus my recount of Ike. With the change in cold weather, all the wood in the house is beginning to buckle and change as well. As I was drifting to sleep, I'd keep hearing a noise that literally sounded like someone just took a step in my room. My eyes would snap open and I'd nervously scan the room. I may have watched too many episodes of Ghost Hunters, but honestly, you could film a Halloween "Scary Sounds" CD in this house.

Unfortunately I didn't sleep very well and I was tired when I finally left for work. Thankfully I made it to the stop in time to catch the first railcar. Crowed though it was, I was able to find a seat by an elderly woman. As I tried to collect myself, fixing my windblown hair and readjusting my coat, the woman I had sat down next to leaned in to about an inch from my face. Caught off guard, I simply sat there starring back. She began to speak in a lanuage I could not understand and all I could so was say "I'm sorry, I don't understand." Because of the crowded car, there were about 7 people who were either watching our exchange or simply listening in.

The woman looked down after she realized I couldn't understand what she was saying and I followed her gaze. I looked just in time to see her pull her left hand out of her coat pocket, exposing only a palm. Her fingers had all been cut off, or so it appeared to me - all at a different length. I tried not to show my shock, and again all I could do was apologize. I looked up to see two guys witnessing the whole thing - their faces didn't hide their shock as well. I looked back when the woman began to laugh, a very low, eerie laugh. Slowly she pulled out her right hand; a perfect match to the left. As she continued to laugh, I again said I was sorry and stood up, excusing myself past the two gentlemen, and made my way to a different part of the car.

I have no idea what she was asking for or trying to tell me. At first I assumed she was homeless, but I find it hard to explain why a homeless woman would get onto a railcar for $2.75. I don't know, either way it creeped me out thoroughly.

Work passed as normal. I've been asked to work the receptionist desk tomorrow. I'll be answering phone calls and welcoming guests as they come in. It should be a simple enough tasks, but I'm worried about getting bored. I guess we'll see how it goes.

A safe night to all back home,


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