Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Day the Alarm Clock Didn't Go Off

I don't have an alarm clock at the convent. Instead, I use the programed alarm that comes on my Blackberry. It's what I normally use at home and it tends to be pretty reliable. However, at 6:45 this morning it did not chime and I did not wake up.

My cellphone did wake me up eventually. At 8:20 my text message notification sounded and I opened my eyes to find the room bathed in sunlight. Something was wrong - I quickly tried to remember what position the sun was at when I normally woke up. Was the room completely dark, or just a little bit lit? At this point I knew I was behind in my morning schedule, but the amount was still unknown. I reached over to grab my phone and saw the time. I've never moved so quickly from a horizontal position before in my entire life.

Despite my efforts, I knew there was no way I was going to make it to work on time - my commute alone would take 20 minutes. For sure, this was not the best way to start the day. I hesitantly walked into work 45 minutes late. I had an apology prepared along with an explanation for my tardiness ready to go, but no one seemed to notice me as I made my way to my desk. In fact, it wasn't a problem at all. I had stressed myself out the whole morning, obviously for nothing.

To make up for my tardiness, I did a lot of work today. I was pretty loaded down by the advent donations. I've been working on these tax forms and receipts since the first day I had been here, but they had piled up over the break and now I had to get caught up. I also worked on transcribing an interview for one of my coworkers - something I'm familiar with from newspaper.

My most entertaining task was the work I did on editing an English transcription of a French documentary S+L did. One of my coworkers from the French department asked me to help and I was excited for a different kind of assignment. The transcribed script was about 35 pages and in 4 hours, we only managed to make it through 10. We had thought we'd be able to finish editing the entire script in just and hour or so, but our banter back and forth over the proper English phasing slowed us down. Regardless, the work was fun and before I realized it, it was 5:00.

I stayed a little bit later tonight to make up for my late arrival. After I left work, I made my way over to the Eaton Center again. I like walking around the mall, not even buying things, just because it gives me something to do. Plus, it the only exercise I'm able to get most days. The cold doesn't seem to bother most people's workout routines - I often see people jogging even when it's below freezing. There's no way in heck you'd catch me doing the same, so walking around indoors is my only option.

Nights are slow here in Toronto even the second time around. I've realized how hard it must be for people who live in cities where they don't know many people. The people I've met here have been very inviting and nice, but no amount of friendless can make up for the fact that living in a city without your family or loved ones is lonely. I'm vowing from this day forward that the next time I come across someone who is new to town, I'm treating them to a home-cooked meal.

Here's hoping I wake up on time tomorrow,


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