Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poker Face

I'm finding it harder to concentrate as Friday nears.

Today we had the second Episcopal Ordination of the week. What makes this ceremony even more special is the fact that this will be the first Canadian bishop of Vietnamese origin. The tech crew expected a large number of people from Vietnam to watch the ordination live on the website, even though it was something like 2:00 AM for them there.

While all of this was going on, I was scheduled to host Zoom one last time today. For the first time ever, I was fully confident in my outfit, script and performance. I've come a long way from my screen test in just the past few weeks. I'm sure if I were able to stay here longer, I would have really grown attached to hosting the program and developed my skills more. Again, you can always watch the Zoom here if you haven't seen it yet:

I've been trying to catch up on all of the tax receipt forms before I leave. I've been following this process since the very first day that I've gotten here, and although the task is not overly complicated, I've developed my own system of organizing and filing the paperwork. I want to make sure I finish it all before I leave, instead of handing it over to someone else to finish once I leave.

Today I actually had to say goodbye to some of my coworkers, considering not everyone in the office works full weeks. We got lunch from the Thai restaurant just down the block from work and reminisced about my short stay at S+L. I feel like I've been here longer than I have - and that I've known these people longer than just six weeks. It's very odd. Any way, it was sad to know this would be the last time I saw them, but I was thankful we were able to do a special lunch together.

After lunch, I got back to working on the tax receipts and waited for the ordination to start. When the live stream finally began, things didn't start off so well. For whatever reason, the feed kept lagging, freezing, and sometimes completely dropping. Everyone in the office seemed pretty tense - which is completely understandable. We weren't really sure what the reason was, but it was speculated that the large number of people logging in to the site were probably interfering with the transfer. For whatever reason though, all of the problems stopped as soon as the actual ordination rites began. I think God wanted to make sure we all saw the important parts.

As the ordination ceremony was finishing up, one of my coworkers from the marketing team and myself headed over to the cathedral with handouts that had the times which S+L would be re-airing the ordination ceremonies on their cable network. I didn't change into my Ugg boots before we left, so my feet and legs were freezing as we stood outside the cathedral waiting for everyone. We handed out a lot of fliers, which hopefully means a lot of people will watch the ceremonies on TV. I was happy when the trail of people coming out of the church began to thin - I was ready to get back to the office and get warmed up.

After work tonight we had a Texas Hold 'Em night in honor of my Texas-ness I suppose. This entire week me and my new friends have been talking smack through Facebook and at work as to who would actually win the $20 jackpot. Of course, being the only Texan playing, I was completely confident that I would win.

We played for about three hours before we all decided it was time to call it quits - I think it was like 1:30 AM. When we stopped, me and another player were pretty neck and neck. We decided that the next night, we'd resume the game and determine the winner then. Tomorrow night is my send off dinner. I'm expecting another long night and a lot of Dutch Blitz. I'm not sure how I'm going to stay awake these next few days.

The True Texas Hold 'Em Winner,


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