Sunday, January 3, 2010

Home for the Holidays

I got back from Toronto late at night on Dec. 22nd. Ben picked me up with our two dogs, Kaiser and Pancake. I was thrilled to see them. I had Ben pick me up curbside at the airport, because I didn't want him to have to park. When he drove up next to me, the dogs finally realized what was going on when they spotted me - it was too cute.

Pancake was licking the window, Kaiser was jumping from seat to seat, and Ben was all smiles. My excitement was caught off caught for a slight moment when Kaiser hit the steering wheel mid-energetic hello, causing the horn to sound for a few seconds. Everyone on the street turned and a few people laughed - I'm always one for a dramatic entrance.

The break was fantastic and way too short. Over the holidays I spent a lot of time in The Woodlands with my family and working on a history final I had due before I went back to Canada. Also during the break,I found time to go wedding dress shopping with my mom, sister and best friend. For those of you who had not heard, my boyfriend Ben proposed on Nov. 22nd at the Discovery Green Park in downtown Houston. We're planning on getting married November 6, 2010 in The Woodlands. Any way, I found a dress at the first store we went to, Brickhouse Bridal in The Woodlands. We went to another shop to try on a few more, but I was pretty certain the dress at BHB was the one for me. We bought it the same day - and got 10% off.

I don't feel like I accomplished very much over my week break. Once upon a time, I thought I would be using my winter break to write my History and Catholic Studies capstone papers - neither of which I've touched over the past month. Pretty sure I need to kick it in high gear if I plan on graduating in May.

Leaving Houston was hard - much harder than leaving the first time. I started to get back in the day to day routines, back to life, when I had to pack up again. I'm thankful I had the break in the middle to come home for - I don't think I could have made it until January 15th without one. I'll be in Toronto for 2 weeks before completing my internship and returning back to Houston. Unfortunately, I won't have much of a break, considering spring semester starts up the next Tuesday.

Any way, check back for the daily blogs again for the next two weeks - I'm sure there's more adventures in store for this crazy Cajun.

Happy New Years,


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